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the realm of speech and hearing health

Akshar Speech and Hearing Clinic Pvt ltd is one of the Uttar Pradesh largest network of clinic specialized in treating individuals with hearing and speaking difficulties irrespective of age and gender. The services offered at the clinic is incomparable to any other clinic in the state.

The Realm of Speech and Hearing Health

Dedicated Team of Audiologists, Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Behavior Modification Therapists, and Special Educators

  • We are branch of 3  clinics in Lucknow (Gomti Nagar and Chowk) and 1 in Sitapur at convenient –easy to reach location.
  • ASHC Pvt Ltd has a team of highly qualified and trained professionals with expertise in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology.
  • We use state of art technology and instruments to assess speech and hearing disorders. We are first to install Bluetooth assisted technology to evaluate hearing level in children and adults.
  • Our Audiology team work towards identification and treatment of hearing loss in newborns, children, adults and geriatrics using most advanced hearing equipments.
  • Our rehabilitation team includes speech language pathogolists a.k.a speech therapist, behavior therapist and occupational therapist. They function together in improving communication abilities of children and adults with special needs.
  • We at Akshar, work on educating patients and parents on early identification and intervention of speech and hearing disorders through conducting newborn hearing screening programme at various hospitals, camps and workshops.
  • Our expert rehabilitation team at ASHC Pvt Ltd provides tailored therapies, including speech-language pathology, behavior therapy, and occupational therapy, to enhance communication and daily living skills for individuals with special needs. Utilizing advanced techniques and personalized care, we ensure effective treatment and support for patients of all ages.


Our Aim

 is to provide comprehensive, tailor made solutions to individuals with hearing and speaking difficulties irrespective of their age, gender and socio economic status.


Satisfied Clint enjoying effortless hearing.


Team of qualified professionals.


Years of experience


children communicating effectively at school and with their family's.

Why Choose Us

Choosing Akshar Clinic means entrusting your hearing health to a team of dedicated professionals who prioritize your well-being above all else. Our clinic stands out for several reasons. Firstly, we have a highly qualified staff comprising experienced audiologists and rehabilitation specialists who possess a deep understanding of the complexities of various communication disorders and their impact on daily life.

State-of-the-Art Technology

We utilize cutting-edge technology and advanced diagnostic equipment to ensure accurate assessments and effective treatments.


Our highly qualified and experienced team of audiologists and specialists are experts in audiology and hearing health.

The best unmatched selling price

Best and unmatched average selling price meeting the affordability.


Our staff is dedicated to providing compassionate support and understanding throughout every step of the patient's journey.

Our Team

The multidisciplinary team of ASHC functions together in providing support towards improving quality of life of individuals with speech and hearing disorders.

Meet Our Expert

Richa Singh

The team is headed by Mrs. Richa Singh, Clinical Director of ASHC, who is an audiologist and speech-language pathologist with more than 10 years of expertise in the field.

Mrs. Richa Singh, the Clinical Director of ASHC, holds a Master’s degree in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology and is certified in the ‘Early Intervention Program’ by Com-DEALL. She has served as a Visiting Consultant at the Mayo Institute of Medical Sciences, Gadia-Barabanki, and has worked as the Regional Audiology Manager for North India at GN Hearing India Pvt Ltd for 2 years. With over 3 years of experience as a clinical audiologist in New Delhi, she possesses expertise in diagnostic audiology, cochlear implants, and the assessment and treatment of children with various communication disorders. Additionally, she has conducted multiple camps to raise awareness of hearing loss and speech disorders in association with various clinics and hospitals across UP, Punjab, Haryana, and Delhi NCR.

Team of Audiologists

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